A woman in Chicago found live creatures inside Ferrero Rocher chocolate.

We’ve all seen great advertisements for Ferrero Rocher, their promotion team does an excellent job making the chocolate look sweet and complicated but they might want to go through their strategy after this bad nightmare.

She immediately posted what she found on Facebook 

Never eating these again!!!! This is what my roommate and I found. Maggots in every single one. Ferraro Rocher what the hell?!?

I always bought these but this whole thing and I already ate half!?!? My roommate caught it.

I’m never buying from this company again. Share this so people are aware. Please!!!

One Facebook friend said the chocolate may have been expired but Rachael explained the chocolate was set to cross its expiry date next year in March.

Rachael’s video posts showed the maggots residing in the chocolate, despite being wrapped up and packaged as you would expect to see them on store shelves.

The company soon got in touch with Rachel Vile and released a statement following her disgusting find:

We would like to reassure everyone that at Ferrero, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and have strict quality control procedures in place throughout our operations.

Our products need to be stored carefully to preserve their characteristics and we advise specific storage conditions on the product packaging and on our Ferrero Rocher website.

We take every consumer issue seriously and are already in contact with the consumer to investigate this matter fully.

As you should already know, maggots can contaminate eatable products when they’re stored unsanitized areas or storage blocks.

Female maggots can survive up to a month and during that time, they can lay up to 2000 eggs in groups of about 75-150 at a time.

Watch her reaction below