The world’s largest plane with a mind-boggling 385ft wingspan could be set for its first flight in just a few months.

Image Source: Twitter/b0yle

The massive Stratolaunch has 28 wheels, two cockpits, and six engines – The main purpose of this gigantic plane is to help transport, launch vehicles (rockets) and satellites into the Earth’s upper atmosphere. Funded by Paul Allen, who is also Bill Gates’ Microsoft buddy, the Stratolaunch is said to take off for its first flight, this year in June.

Image Source: Twitter/tribuna_treviso

The recent 34th Space Symposium in Colorado informed the world about Stratolaunch’s scheduled summer flight. People were given VR headsets to simulate what it would be like to travel on this plane.

The CSISAerospace team got a deep dive into Stratolaunch’s virtual reality this morning! (Source: Twitter/CSISAerospace)

The plane has already been through two taxi trial runs, peaking at 28 mph and 46 mph. Yet, there are three more tests that are due to be done, to check if the plane can meet the required take-off speed of 138 mph.

Image Source: Youtube/Stratolaunch

A year ago, Paul Allen talked about all of his hopes and groundbreaking aims set for this revolutionary aircraft. He told the Washington Post, “I would love to see us have a full reusable system and have weekly, if not more often, airport-style, repeatable operations going.”