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The 63 years old model is taking the fashion industry by storm, she has set new goals for wannabes models. Born in France, Yazemeenah came from a simple life. She was raised in Corsica. She is now taking down agism in fashion.

Image source: Instagram/Yazemeenah Rossi

Yazemeenah mostly eats organic foods and her diet revolves around vegetables, good-quality fish and meat and fruits and nuts. She uses olive oil in abundance to cook food and to moisturize her skin.

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Image source: Instagram/Yazemeenah Rossi

The mother to two and a grandmother to two as well, she is a free soul, who lives freely without any stress. Her positive outlook towards life is also a big factor in her youthful appearance at this age.

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For me age is something that doesn’t exist. You can model at 90.

-Yazemeenah Rossi

Yazemeenah started her modeling career when she was 28 but she got fame at the age of 45. It was when her grey beautiful hairs inspired everyone.

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Image Source: Instagram/Yazemeenah Rossi

Born in France and raised on the Mediterranean island of Corsica, Yazemeenah has inspired millions towards graceful aging. Over time she has been featured in major campaigns for companies such as JD Williams and Marks & Spencer.

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We have learned three 3 secrets from the French model.


She eats an avocado a day and she always prefers organic food rather than processed food items. She uses olive oil in her food. She also avoids strict diets.

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2 days ago in Malibu … Self portrait early morning of a cloudy day under arches on the beach … the best light to smooth the skin without any retouching . In my back there is the ocean , tide going up … a lot of steam from the water was giving a mysterious atmosphere … I have been well inspired to bring this piece of Silk Organza last minute . I had a simple fitted jersey black dress but it was too “dry” , too flat, no softness ….this brings a balance in between the roughness of the rocs and lightness and transparency of the silk . Interesting how opposites bring such a balance being complementary. Shooting there was not easy as the waves came in my back with strength in between the rocs, my tripod being in the sand and the water …but it worth it 🤗

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The best thing for the skin is to eat enough healthy fats on a daily basis and to oxygenate well while exercising. I never eat processed, frozen, microwaved or low-fat foods.

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Shrink to be.