Our bodies are one of nature’s most baffling creations. With intricate systems and uncountable activities going on all at once, our bodies thus manage to keep us alive. The health of one’s body can decide how happy they are in life. Mostly because our a lot of our abilities are dependent upon our health.

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Obesity or just being overweight is one of the more prominent and significant conditions that hinder people’s abilities. Today, there is increasing emphasis on physical as well as mental fitness. More people are concerned with keeping their weight in check.

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There is no doubt that, as a collective trait of a society, the concern with physical fitness is a good thing. But it is also important to remember that shedding weight is not the only way to attain a good body. And health also depends upon what track you choose in your journey of weight loss.

Because the goal is not to be thin. The goal is to be fit. You can achieve thinness by starving yourself. Yet, it won’t guarantee fitness, and more importantly, it will prove to be very risky. What is desirable, instead, is to choose diet plans that not only help you shed weight but also give you a balanced diet.

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This is where Keto comes in. Recent studies show that more individuals are now opting for the Ketogenic diet instead of the Atkins diet. Keto is a surprisingly effective diet that allows you to lose weight way quicker than you would through working out.

It stands that many people, especially who are overweight, find it difficult to regularly work out.That’s why they choose diets like Keto and slim down without really having to be sporty.

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Research shows that the ketogenic diet helps in slowing down the production of ghrelin, the hunger hormone.

Normally our body turns carbohydrates into glucose and uses those sugars as energy. But when there’s not enough intake of Carbs, the body switches to fats and uses those instead to generate energy.

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The Ketogenic diet stands unique and much more desirable as compared to most other diets mainly because sticking to a plan like Keto, one will lose weight, as a result of the loss of fats only. Hence, your muscle weight is not hindered with and throughout the diet, it stays the same.

When I said that it is important to choose a diet that helps you keep fit and gives a healthy diet, this was exactly what I was talking about.

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This will surprise you, but 75% of your whole Keto food intake will be Fats only. Out of the rest, 20% will be Proteins and Carbohydrates will only make up 5% of our diet. Yes, say goodbye to potatoes.In Keto, the main concern is sugar. There is no exemption with that. You just cannot consume sugar, at any amount, at any cost.

The Keto, though, doesn’t direct you to eat a certain type of food at a certain time. You can couple your poultry with any of the permissible foods on the Keto list, whether it’s green vegetables or nuts. You can also choose to eat whenever you like, but in only the directed quantities – Maximum is 5,000 calories. You’ll have to stay hydrated because the diet releases Ketone in your body, which can make your breath smell! That’s a con that you’ll just have to bear.

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If you’re confused as to how to calculate the amount of food required for each group of foods – fats, proteins and carbohydrates – you need not worry. It’s quite simple. For every 2 Pounds of your weight, you should receive 1 gram of protein. So if you weigh, let’s say, 200 pounds.

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You would have to include 90 grams of protein in your diet. Similarly, you would have to add 4 times more fats, which makes them 12 ounces. For carbs, it’s four times less, which make them about 23 grams.

What Is Allowed And What Is Not

Like I said, the keto disallows carbs almost completely, as the foundation of nutrition should be upon foods extremely rich in fat and protein. This makes the core of Keto.

Permitted foods:

  • Oil and butter (experts emphasize on coconut oil and butter)
  • Nuts
  • Eggs
  • Any meat including pork, poultry, and seafood
  • Mushrooms
  • Green vegetables with a high concentration of fibre (which quickens your metabolism) and tomatoes
  • Only Full-fat dairy products excluding milk

Forbidden foods

  • Any flour products
  • Processed meat products (e.g. sausages) because they contain sugar
  • Vegetables with a high concentration of sugar and carbs, such as corn and potatoes
  • Fresh fruits and dried fruits (only some berries are allowed)
  • Any alcohol and cereal that contain sugar
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And if you’re feeling like your diet will become too boring without your favourite foods, fear not. You can find so many exciting, Keto-friendly recipes that will make you look forward to meals instead of loathing them.

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The keto is mainly beneficial because it quickly kills fat without dissolving any muscle mass. Keto makes sure you’re never craving something or hungry. You’ll be helping yourself to some snacks throughout the day and you can still enjoy fried items.

The following celebrities have tried Keto and have had incredible results

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After Kim Kardashian shed 60 pounds in weight following her pregnancy, Keto became a diet that everyone wanted in on. Halle Berry is known for her spectacular and fit physique.

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She gives all credits to Keto. Megan Fox, Michael B. Jordan and Adriana Lima are also some celebrities who go to Keto occasionally and keep carbohydrates out of their diets.